Leader in delivering and handling self-service city bikes rental locations. It launched its business in 2011 under the licence of nextbike GmbH, a German company existing from 2004, present on 4 continents in 25 countries and over 150 cities. A single registration with nextbike system allows for using a fleet of over 40.000 bikes around the world. The system is available – among others – in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Hungary, Turkey, Cyprus, Croatia, Latvia, USA and New Zealand. Nextbike bicycles can be rented on 24/7 basis, with rental fees charged according to local tariffs. The first system was launched by Nextbike Poland in Wrocław (08.06.2011) and Bemowo (01.04.2012), followed by Poznań (15.04.2012), Opole (15.06.2012), Warsaw (01.08.2012), Sopot (05.09.2013), Białystok (31.05.2014), Konstancin (13.06.2014), Lublin (19.09.2014), Grodzisk Mazowiecki (27.09.2014), Katowice (01.05.2015) and Juchnowiec Kościelny (01.07.2015). At present, the Company operates a fleet of 12 100 bikes in Poland, with 1 017 stations, a professional call-centre and service in every city within the network.

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