MEVO has been launched

MEVO has been launched

Tuesday March 26th, 2019

The largest European bike system, which is entirely comprised of electric bikes, has been just launched in Pomerania. 1224 bikes are available in 14 cities and this is just the beginning – soon their number will be increased to 4080.

MEVO can be used by residents and tourists visiting Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Tczew, Puck, Reda, Kartuzy, Sierakowice, Somonino, Stężyca, Władysławowo, Żukowo, Pruszcz Gdański and Rumia. The drive of all MEVO system bikes is supported electrically – this means that the engine takes on the same amount of effort, which is provided by the bike user. It is especially convenient during the start and when riding uphill.

“An electric bike should not be confused with a scooter. In the case of electric bike, the active participation of its user is still necessary. However, thanks to the electric motor, the range of such bike is increased. People who effortlessly rode a few kilometres on an ordinary bike, now can go on a ride amounting to over a dozen kilometres. It is much more convenient for everyday trips “- says Robert Lech, the President of Nextbike Polska, which is the operator of the MEVO system.

In the initial stage, 1224 bikes are provided for residents and tourists. Soon, this number will increase to over 4000.

“4080 bikes with electric support constitute a success of metropolitan cooperation on the European scale. So far, Madrid has been able to enjoy the largest system with electric bikes, having just over 2000 of them. In Barcelona, they are enjoying the expansion of the system with up to 1000 electric bikes this year. We are proud that the fourth largest metropolis in Poland will have the largest bike system with electrical support in the entire Europe” – says Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, the President of Gdańsk and the Chairman of the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area.

In order to rent a bike, you just need to register on the website, via the MEVO mobile application or by calling +48 58 350 20 20, and pay 10 PLN of the initial fee. Also, it is necessary to choose one of the tariff plans. The most cost-efficient is the ANNUAL PLUS tariff, which for 150 PLN allows the user to use up to 2 bikes for two hours every day, without additional fees. The ANNUAL tariff costs 100 PLN and it allows to rent 1 bike for 90 minutes every day, without additional fees. Also, it is possible to choose MONTHLY tariff, which amounts to 10 PLN and allows you to use a bike for 30 days for 90 minutes per day. Taking into account the tourists, there are also few-day tariffs prepared, as well as the possibility of renting a bike without any subscription:

MONTHLY 10 PLN 30 days 90 min. daily 1 no
ANNUAL 100 PLN 365 days 90 min. daily 1 no
ANNUAL PLUS 150 PLN 365 days 120 min. daily 2 no
2-DAY 20 PLN 2 days 300 min. daily 2 600 PLN
2-DAY PLUS 40 PLN 2 days 700 min. daily 5 800 PLN
5-DAY 40 PLN 5 days 300 min. daily 2 600 PLN
5-DAY PLUS 80 PLN 5 days 700 min. daily 5 800 PLN
MINUTE FEE 0,10 PLN/1min. unlimited n/a 1 500 PLN

After exceeding the daily time of rental in individual tariffs, a fee amounting to 0.05 PLN for each additional minute is charged. A detailed pricelist can be found, among others, on the website. In order to rent a bike, the user’s account must have at least 1 PLN.

The bike can be rented via mobile application, via RFID card paired with the account or by calling +48 58 350 20 20. After downloading the MEVO application, you just need to log in and scan the QR code that is located on the given bike, or enter its number using the keyboard. This takes only a few seconds. The bike is returned by closing the O-Lock, and therefore locking the rear wheel of the bike.

660 bike stations have been located in 14 cities of the region. They allow to rent and return the bike without additional fees. Due to the use of IV generation system, there is also a possibility of returning the bike beyond the parking points. In such case, an additional fee amounting to 3 PLN is charged. However, it is important to do it within the area of use (borders of individual cities), to make sure that it is a generally accessible place, and that the returned bike does not pose a safety risk to other road users, as well as does not block any passage or crossing. The bike returned in this manner can be rented by other user. If the other user will bring it back to the station, then such user will receive a bonus – 2 PLN credited to his/her account.

MEVO is one of the first bike systems in Poland available throughout the year. Ultimately, the system will consist of 4080 bikes. During the winter period (December-February), the number of available bikes will be reduced to 1224 bikes.